Owner - Head Coach: Andrew Fleming

Andrew Fleming

Boost Athletic was founded by Andrew Fleming in the Fall of 2017. Boost's goal then and now, was to develop and facilitate High quality sports programming for kids of all abilities. Focusing on kids who are either just learning to play or who are unable to access other sports clubs or programs, Boost wants to deliver these experiences to all kids, regardless of circumstance.

Andrew, started working full-time for a soccer club in Calgary, Northwest United. For the next 12 years, he worked for several clubs around the Calgary area in roles ranging from Coach to Grassroots Director to Director of Coaching to Technical Director. In 2014, he was given the Inaugural 'Physical Literacy Coach of the Year' award by Alberta Soccer. This award is given to someone who works with in the Grassroots or Foundation phase of Youth Soccer. 

Over 15 years of coaching experience, Andrew has coached teams and groups ranging from the ages of 3 to Adult, encompassing all levels of ability. He has travelled with teams he's coached across the United States and to several countries in Europe. As well as his coaching experience, the main focus the last few years has been on developing the framework of programs, working to develop curriculum and then helping to train/mentor coaches to help facilitiate these programs. 


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